Let our local team of experts<br />
help you <i>sell <span style="color: #bda380;">&</span> buy</i>

Let our local team of experts
help you sell & buy

Helping you sell & buy since 1989


Why choose Louis & Co

Professionalism, honesty, transparency and integrity are at the heart of everything we do.
Many of our past sales have occurred purely through word of mouth and our
excellent service.

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Get Sale ready with Louis & Co

Get Sale ready with Louis <span style="color: #bda380;"><i>&</i></span> Co

Helping thousands of Sellers get Sale Ready for Free.
Louis & Co are licensed by the Law Society, so the information provided by Sellers can be used by any Conveyancer. This means you do not have to duplicate. The Louis & Co process follows the recommendations outlined in the ‘How to Sell’ guide and the ‘How to Buy’ guide and is recommended by Government.

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