Guaranteed Buyer

Guaranteed Buyer

The trusted cash buyer your home needs.
Simple. Fast. Certain.

Sell your property fast in 3 steps

Louis & Co Guaranteed buyer can take you from offer accepted to completion in a matter of days. We’re quick property buyers who can speed you through a hassle-free process.

Step 1

Get your free cash offer or valuation report. We provide a free instant offer. Our cash offer is typically an 11% discount off the selling price value of your property.

Step 2

RICS survey completed, condition and value confirmed. 

Step 3

Stress-free sales process. If you accept our offer, you choose the completion date that suits you and we will start to finalise the sale immediately. You can expect funds in your account within days if that’s what’s needed. 

Why Louis & Co Guaranteed buyer is convenient and competitive

Why Louis & Co Guaranteed buyer is convenient and competitive

Here we explain how guaranteed buyer drastically reduces the time needed to

Why sell your property to guaranteed buyer

Why sell your property to guaranteed buyer

At Louis & Co we have decades of experience with our cash property buyers in the UK. We can get your home sold and completed in as little as 7 days.

Fairest valuation

We’ll always give you the fairest valuation possible, based on the local market and location, condition and size of your property.

Guaranteed Offer

If you accept our cash offer, then you have certainty of sale. We provide the reassurance that you can sell your property fast.

No hidden fees

We’ll ask you to cover the agreed sale fee and conveyancing fees and that’s it. We’ve made sure there are no hidden fees or extra costs for your
peace of mind.

Speed of sale

No one moves quicker. Accept our offer and move to completion as quickly
as you need to.

Trusted & reliable

We have a hugely successful track record in residential property businesses. We provide a no obligation service and will always check in with you to ensure it’s the right choice for your needs.

You set the pace

Our process puts you in control of the timeline, allowing you to choose your completion date, whether that’s in 7 days or 2 months.

Get in touch with Louis & Co

Get in touch with Louis & Co

If you have any other questions that are not covered here, please contact Louis & Co.