What do buyers think of your paint choices?

about 1 year ago
What do buyers think of your paint choices?

When Samsung Electronics UK Ltd questioned 2,000 UK adults about paint colours and property, it made some very interesting discoveries. While many sellers fret over whether their house is too cluttered or their bedrooms too small, critical buyers may be basing their decisions on your choice of wall colour.

Of those questioned, 33% said they would possibly reject a beautiful home if it was painted in colours they weren’t keen on, while 13% said they’d definitely walk away. In addition, 15% said a house painted in colours they disliked would put them off it instantly. With such strong feelings attached to colour schemes, it’s important for sellers to know how to redecorate ahead of a sale.

Nifty shades of grey

Grey has worked its way into the nation’s heart and its popularity shows no sign of waning. Of those questioned by Samsung, 30% said they would be more likely to buy a home if the kitchen and living rooms were painted light grey.

Grey can be a tricky colour to paint with as there are a myriad of shades to choose from. Dulux has produced an excellent guide to choosing the right grey for your home but as estate agents, our advice is to stick to the brighter, warmer tones as anything too dark or cool can be quite overpowering.

Other safe neutrals to consider are shades of white, cream and magnolia and the very lightest pastels. While it may feel boring, sellers need to redecorate so their home feels fresh and appeals to the widest pool of buyers possible.

Don’t paint it black

While neutrals may hit the right note with house hunters, there are some colours that can damage selling prospects. The Samsung research found pink, purple and burgundy top the list of paint colours sellers should avoid.

Past studies also indicate that dark blue, dark green and black are also off putting colours. Dark colours may make a small room feel even smaller – not great when many homes sell on their sense of space – plus potential buyers may start calculating the cost of painting over bold shades while they’re on a viewing.

Stir paint, not emotions

Another aspect sellers should be mindful of is the link between colour and emotion. The Samsung study found 79% of the nation feel the colour of a room affects their mood and with vendors wanting to leave a positive, lasting impression during a viewing, there are other paint colours to avoid.

Of those taking part in the research, 29% said a red room would most likely make them feel angry, while a blue room would leave 24% feeling cold. Conversely, a green room would make 19% feel calm and a yellow room make 20% feel happy. While it may be tempting to paint every room in your home a different colour, Samsung also found that 63% of UK adults preferred it when the same colour scheme was used throughout the whole house.

As a nation, we also have a strong preference when it comes to the perfect colour for a front door. More than a quarter of respondents said they found houses with navy blue or dark blue front doors most appealing when house hunting. If you’re improving your property’s kerb appeal, bear this in mind!

If you are considering selling a property you own, why not start with a free, no-obligation valuation? During our visit, we can discuss your decor and suggest value-adding improvements. Get in touch with our team.

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