10 ways to bring Japandi style into your home

about 1 year ago
10 ways to bring Japandi style into your home

Interior fashions come and go but one that will really stand the test of time is Japandi. This mix of sleek Japanese style and rustic Scandinavian elements results in a cosy, calm and clutter-free home – the perfect look if you’re thinking of selling a property.

Here are 10 ways to transform your home into a Japandi paradise:

1. Declutter every room: before you pick up a paintbrush or fill an online shopping basket, declutter with serious intent. Japandi leans heavily on Marie Kondo’s KonMari Method, which urges people to streamline possessions and find their inner ‘neat’. Repeat after us – reduce, reuse, recycle, rehome.

2. Repaint to neutralise: a Japandi interior starts with a blank canvas and that means neutralising any garish paint choices. The hard work has been taken out of finding the right neutral by Coat. Its pack of 21 neutral paint samples is amazing, with every one ideal for the Japandi look.

3. Choose natural materials: glass, chrome and mirrored surfaces may be a modernist’s dream but they have little place in a Japandi setting. Heavily influenced by the natural world, Japandi calls for the muted, honey tones of oak, ash and beech woods, as well as stone and smooth plaster.

4. Opt for mid-century furniture: Japandi is low key, so furniture needs to have clean but organic lines. An excellent starting point is the Ercol brand, especially its Windsor and Heritage dining chairs. Proportions should be elegant, with tapered legs and curved details.

5. Create a cosy atmosphere: a Japandi interior doesn’t have to be stark. Texture and warmth can be introduced with soft furnishings. Opt for linen, cotton, cashmere and wool, with a scant smattering of faux fur to add richness and depth. Cable knit, herringbone weave and fringing will also add interest and a tactile element.

6.  Pare back in the kitchen: minimalist kitchens seamlessly fit into the Japandi style, with cabinets finished in plywood, laminated wood or wood veneer. Doors should be handle-free and flat fronted, with no design details or gloss. Worktops look best when made from a natural material, such as marble and granite.

7. Buy bamboo: bamboo has a warm tone and simple grain that’s essential in Japandi styling. Sustainable, almost scratch-resistant and durable, it is used extensively to make items of furniture and in flooring, with a fantastic array of bamboo products available at Ikea.

8. Use soft lighting: the organic aesthetic of Japandi calls for subtle lighting. Paper lamps and pendant lights dial into Japandi’s love of natural materials, plus paper is the perfect diffuser, helping cast a soft glow. Alternatives include rattan and bamboo shades, which really make an impact when three suspended pendants are grouped together.

9. Find new ways with wood: panelling, shiplap, battens, beams and branches: they all have a place in the Japandi home. On trend is cladding a feature wall in thin wooden slats, taking the detail across the ceiling if you’re feeling brave. For a more scaled back approach, add a few curly corylus branches to a stoneware vase, or display your bathroom towels on this decorative wooden ladder.

10. Perfect the art of window dressing: Japandi style is a chance to incorporate a little Feng Shui. Floor-to ceiling-curtains are favoured and, to promote better chi and block out harmful energy, two sets of curtains should be hung in bedrooms and living rooms – a sheer voile for the day and a heavier fabric for night time. Opt for white or cream curtains so they blend in and don’t draw attention away from the view.

If you want to revamp your home’s interior ahead of a sale, a Japandi theme ticks all the boxes when it comes to adding appeal. If you’d like more advice about moving home, we’d be happy to talk you through your next steps – give us a call to discuss.

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