Christmas moving deadline? Now is the time to sell

20 days ago
Christmas moving deadline? Now is the time to sell

The saying ‘good things come to those who wait’ is partly true for those selling a property. While many aspects of a successful sale are in the hands of third parties, the waiting part is something sellers have some control over.  

Leaving enough time to wait for all the elements of a sale to conclude is an important aspect of managing expectations. Some things can’t be rushed, notably the conveyancing process, but leaving enough time to work through all the steps is wise, especially if you have a deadline in mind.  

In the business of buying and selling, there are four big deadlines – being moved into a new property for the start of the six week school summer holiday; being moved in for the primary school application deadline (usually around the 15th January); being moved in for the secondary school application deadline (usually around the 31st October); and being moved in for the biggest seasonal holiday of the year – Christmas.  

Before you think we are crazy mentioning Christmas – the next major property deadline – as we move into the hottest part of summer, the stats uncovered by a team of data analysts are worth considering.  

My Home Move Conveyancing looked at the average time it takes to sell a property and reach completion, working backwards to establish when a property should go on the market if the seller wants to be in a new home by 11th December. Remarkably, the current average time taken to sell a home in Britain is 146 days – much of that made up by the legal and financial phases.  

Broadly speaking, those who put their home up for sale on the 18th July statistically have a good chance of being in a new home for Christmas. This date does, however, vary depending on where you are in Great Britain and the intricacies of your individual transaction.  

If you’re reading this in Wales and want to be moved by Christmas, don’t delay in instructing an estate agent to sell your home. Ideally a home in Wales needs to be listed by 27th June to complete by 11thDecember.  

The date gets later in the year as we move around the country. In London, sellers aiming for the 11thDecember should be on the market by 1st July and that date is 3rd July for those in the East Midlands.   

A ‘for sale’ board should be up by the 7th July in the East and the South East, while it’s a little later for those in the North East, who should instruct an agent by 1st August. Homes are selling quickest in Scotland and here sellers could potentially wait until 8th September to sell and still achieve an 11th December completion.  

Despite what the maths say, the property market is unpredictable and no one can accurately predict how long the entire process will take. If you have a Christmas deadline in mind, we urge you to book a valuation now to give yourself as much time as possible – and peace of mind to wait while any delays pass. Contact our team to get the ball rolling.

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